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Anodic bonding systems

Anodic bonding systems

Anodic bonding systems

Compact and economical systems suitable for research and development
Desk-top type compact alignment part
Easy bonding under atmosphere
Specimen size: standard 4 inches (maximum up to 6 inches, optionally)
Packed pumping systems: [DS-422T] can be attached.



This systems enables over-heated silicon substrate and other metals to be joined with glass substrate by applying high voltage under atmosphere.

•DAB-A-40 Standard specification
Anodic bonding systems ф100 flat heater
Maximum heating temperature 500 ºC
Temperature distribution width 20 ºC(at heater surface, during heating kept)
· Electrode (manual hoisting)
· Substrate holder (ф100, mechanical chucking)
Alignment device
(separate installation)
· Manual operation
· X, Y, Z stage
Moving distance
X ±5mm
Y ±5mm
Z ±5mm
· θ-rotation stage: ±5'
· Alignment precision: 5μm or less
· Specimen dimension: 4 inches or less (holder for each size is optional)
· Observation device (two visual-field microscope)
Lens spacing: 20 to 60 mm (variable)
Total magnification: X 160
Monitor illumination
Electric system · Temperature adjuster for heater control
· DC high voltage power: MAX.1.5kV-10mA
· Recorder (chart width: 100mm)
Safety measures · Relay on water failure
· High voltage application at upper-lid closed in vacuum chamber (limit SW)
· Flat heater over-heated
Utility · Dimension W570 X D750 X H1400 (Main body)
· N2 gas  0.05 to 0.1MPa
· Cooling water 0.1MPa 2L/min
· Power source capacity 3ф 200V 3.0kVA
Option · Packed pumping systems (turbo molecular pump installed) DAV-V-40
· Camera magnification change
· Specimen size change (6-inches, 3-inches, square 1-inch)
· Multiple stage system, high-temperature type
· Cooling mechanism, heater-incorporated electrode, responding to pressured atmosphere
· High-precision type DAB-V-S40
Other than above specification: please contact with us

Various sensor, micro-machine, living organism, various optical use

* exterior specification shall be subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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