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NEW Compact Automatic Arc Melting Furnace
Tohoku University, Institute for Materials Reseach, Co-development,Advanced Research Center of Matallic Glasses with Yoshihiko Yokoyama, associate professor

Compact Automatic Arc Melting Furnace

Suitable for the melting of high melting point metals and semimetals like silicon via the arc melting method.
Less crucible contamination compared with high frequency melting.
Can be used for mass production high purity alloys with high reproducibility.
Computer controlled, fully autonationed processes for melting, mixing, resversing, and casting.
Homogeneous alloying of metals by sinusoidal arcing method.
Easy operation, there is no troublesome task as reversing and remelting.
Dimensions of cast ingot can be customized easily.
The machine can be controlled remotely via network connection.
Slow motion animation (vibrate at 11Hz) indicating the state of the molten metal stirring.

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•standard specification
Melting chamber · Sin Wave Arc Melting
Shape of copper mold · Drop Casting Method
Vacuum pumping system · Oil rotary pump   Turbo molecular pump
Maximum pressure · X 10-4Pa level
Pump speed · 15min(3 X 10-3Pa) / 5min( X 10-3Pa)
Casting mold · ф10 X L70 Drop casting method
Same type alloy · 11 (for melting) / 1 (for casting) or different type : 6 (for melting) / 6 (for casting)
Size of main unit · approx. W980 X D980 X H2000
Size of Melting chamber · W370 X D395 X H405
Weight · approx. 700kg
· power source capacity 3ф 200V 27kVA
· High-pressure air 0.4-0.5 MPaG
· Argon gas 0.1-0.15 MPaG
· Coolant water 0.13-0.15 MPaG (40L/min or more)
· Options Automatic loading / unloading of material

· Battery materials
· Biocompatible materials
· Dental materials
· Metallic Glasses
· Magnetic materials
· Thermoelectric materials
· Optical materials
· High-entropy alloys
· Shape memory alloys
· Purification of metals

*Exterior specification shall be subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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