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Cold-cathode ionization gauge  

Cold-cathode ionization gauge

•Features and application
The key operation is simple.
The set point is equipped with two
With the recorder output
It is equipped with RS485/RS422 serial communication(option) and it controls it with the host computer to 16 1 lines.
It is possible to do the data management and it supports to make FA.
Various for the vacuum equipment

•Product specification
Measuring range 4.9 X 10-1 to 1.0 X 10-6Pa
Sampling cycle 100msec.
Exterior output Set-point 2 points
Auxiliary function hysteresis value, output theory
Rating AC110V 0.5A load resistance
Status AC110V 0.5A load resistance
REC OUTPUT full range DC DC 0 to 5V/0 to 10V
Service temperature 0 to 40ºC
Input from outside INT/EXIT. DISCHARGE ON/OFF
Power voltage AC100~240V 50/60Hz 30VA
Gauge head C-4A(ф15)
Standard attachment
Gauge head : C-4A(ф15)
Power cord : 3m
Measuring cord : 2m
BCD output
4 to 20 mA analog output
RS 422A/RS-485
Printer output
Gauge head:C-4A(NW25). C-4A(ICF70)
Measuring cord: 5 · 10 · 20m
Mass Main body 1800g
Gauge head 850g
Exterior dimension drawing [PDF] [DXF]
Panel cut dimension


•Features and application
Simple key operation
Two set-points equipped
Recording output installed
Equipped with RS422A serial communication (optional), and with 1 line of it up to 16 units can be controlled, data-wise, with a host computer, to fit to AF system
For various vacuum systems

•Product specification
Measuring range 1.3 X 10-1 to 1.3 X 10-4Pa
Measuring range 1-range
Contact point capacity(M) NO, NC-contact point
Service temperature 0 to 40ºC
Power voltage
AC100V 11VA
Gauge head
Mass Main body 2250g
Gauge head 500g
Exterior dimension drawing [PDF] [DXF]
Panel cut dimension
Standard attachment
Gauge head : C-1A(ф15)
Power cord : 2m
Measuring cord : 2m
Option: Measuring cord: 5 · 10 · 20m

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