Management policy

We at Diavac Limited started the business in 1931 with production of oil rotary vacuum pumps. Since then, we have been growing as an all-round vacuum products supplier, offering a wide variety of products such as vacuum valves, oil diffusion pumps, vacuum gages and other vacuum component products, varied heating furnaces and other vacuum systems, and production facilities for CRT, LCD, PDP, FED and other display devices, and gaining wide market acceptance.
Today, the vacuum industry has spread much wider for its potential to spur innovation in all fields of application including information technology, energy, environment and medical care, and established a firm position as the basic technology provider for various industries, and it is growing by leaps and bounds. We at Diavac Limited have been going our way with the progress of vacuum technology in Japan since the very beginning of the vacuum industry to date and also from now on, we will continue making every effort to act as a good partner for you, our customers, in accordance with the slogan "Fulfill the customer expectations."

June 2008
Toru Yokoyama
President and Representative Director,

1. Fundamental principle

We at Diavac Limited will continue to devote ourselves to our studies and supply safe and reliable products and services to merit customer satisfaction as an essential, trustworthy part of every customer.
We commit to take following business principles to advance our business activities.

· Customer satisfaction first in principle and behavior
· Harmony of business activity with environment
· Advance of technology and offering of products of world-highest level
· Formation of energetic business culture
· Nurturing of high business ethics and thorough compliance with the relevant laws
· Maximization of Corporate value and its return to the society

2. Guideline for action


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