We, Diavac Ltd., are deploying a field service that offers speedy and best solution to troubles and requests on various systems that our customers have.
The service responds to customers' wishes such as repair, modification, overhaul, and transfer, not only as of our products, but also of other makes. Please rely on our engineering staffs.

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•Repair service
This service quickly offers such services as exchange, disassembly, and assembly of products due to end of life, breakage, or damage of components.

[ Examples ]

Vacuum leakage   Vacuum leakage of an systems will cause adverse effects on the treated products and shortening of their lives. Our service provides a detector of vacuum leakage that can detects even such minor leakage as in the order of X 10-11Pa · m3/sec for repair at an earlier time.
Poor performance of systems   Lack in uniform heating often results in products failure.
Destruction and damage of components    
Electric instruments   Repair and exchange of sequencer, SCR, or transformer
    Repair and exchange of such instruments as vacuum gauge and temperature regulator.
Exchange of cooling water hose,    
high-pressure air hose,    
and manifold.    

The service provides best solution to modification such as of piping of vacuum pumping system, of chambers, and of heater or electrode.

[ Examples ]
Alteration of heater material•••modification from high-frequency furnace to carbon furnace
Pumping system
Its modification to oil-free system, and shortening of evacuation time,
From diffusion pump referred to in this manual to a cryo-pump or turbo-molecular pump,
Shortening of rough evacuation time: capacity increase in rotation pump and roots pump, and improvement in piping.
Automation and human-power saving of vacuum systems, and improvement of vacuum systems main body:
Human power saving by use of robots of 3 to 4 axial robots
Remodeling of vacuum piping --- readjustment of conductance

Concerning not only systems but also components, their disassembly, cleaning, washing, assembly, adjustment, and test-run are conducted in this service to make the systems and components ready to operate immediately after delivery.

[ Examples ]
Exchange of packing
Overhaul of vacuum valve
Overhaul and oil exchange of RP and RT
Overhaul of piping of pumping system
Overhaul of main body of systems

•Transfer and layout change
Regardless of our products or other makes, we offer quick and thorough disassembly, transfer, and restoration operation of the relevant systems.

[ Examples ]
Transfer or layout change of systems in the present factory
Transfer of systems from the present factory to another one (domestic or overseas)

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