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Carbon clusters produer (Arc Discharge Method)

Carbon clusters producer (Arc Discharge Method)
Compact and economical design suitable for research and development
Equipped with continual supply mechanism of works
Equipped with cathode-growth preventing mechanism
Compact design suitable for simple soot-recovery and installation
Cleaning is simple enough with one-time
Optionally possible to change arc direction with magnetic field

Equipped with glove-box

This system can vaporize anode carbon and generate soot, by letting DC arc discharge between carbon electrodes under helium gas atmosphere.

•Standard specification
   Continual revolver system (50 bars)
Batch system (1 bar)
Generating system Arc discharge
Recovering method Adsorption by recovering cylinder
Soot-emittion rate discharge current 120A, ф6 to ф10 X L300 (50 bars) use of carbon bar,
12 to 30g/h or more
Number of carbon-bar insertion 50 bars 1 bar
Control system between electrodes voltage control system, controlled by PC
Source for DC-arc DC300A
Others rotary pump, valve, with pressure gauge
Utility · Space for main body: ca. W1500 X D1000 X H1500
· Cooling water 0.13 to 0.15MPa 10 to 12L/min or more
· Source capacity 3ф, 200V, 18kVA

Carbon Nanotube

* Exterior specification shall be subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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