Vacuum systems

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Sputtering systems

Sputtering systems

Compact and economical design suitable for research and development
This systems is used for sputtering various materials.

•Standard specification
Sputtering chamber Cylindrical and lateral type vacuum chamber
Dimension ca. ф350 X D270
Material SUS304
Target pressure in the order of 5 X 10-5Pa
Operating pressure 02 to 1.3Pa
Viewport 1 unit
Gas-inlet valve
2 systems
Electrode and substrate Substrate heating temperature MAX. 300ºC
Film-making speed (*1) 60nm/min(Al, RF200W)
Film thickness distribution (*1) ±10% within ф60
Target ф75 X 3
Substrate holder ф75
Vacuum pumping system Pumping unit Packed pumping systems DS-412Z
Vacuum gauge Pirani gauge,
Hot-cathode ionization gauge
Electric system High-frequency power-source
Matching box, manual 3-stage switcher
Safety measures Heat-resistant relay
Utility Space W2200 X D1300 X H1500
Ar gas 5 to 30kPa
Cooling water
Liquid nitrogen
0.13 to 0.15MPa 6L/min or more
Voltage 3ф 200V 4.2kVA
*1: Distance between target substrates=70mm

Magnetic material, micro-machine, reflection-preventing film, barrier film, transparent electro-conductive film.

* Exterior specification shall be subject to change without prior notice for improvement

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