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Induction heating vacuum melting furnace

Induction heating vacuum melting furnace

Compact and economical design suitable for research and development
Improved maintenance property by use of vertical front door
Main application is to melt metal materials with high frequency under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere for casting.

•Standard specification
   VMF-I-I1 VMF-I-I0.5
Meltage (converted to iron) 1kg 0.5kg
Melting temperature MAX.1700ºC
Final pressure 3.0 X 10-3Pa
(at room temperature after completion of degassing without specimen insertion)
Melting chamber Shape: Vacuum chamber (water-cooled jacket type) with cylindrical vertical door)
Dimension ca. ф400 X L500
Material SUS304
Electrode Water-cooled coaxial electrode
Viewport field of view ф97
Bucket for addition ф37 X H46 One
Others bridge-breaker, thermometer port, gas-inlet valve
Coil high frequency copper coil
Crucible made of magnesia 0.18L made of magnesia 0.125L
Casting mold made of iron
Vacuum pumping system manual manual (DS-312Z packed pumping set)
Diffusion pump 660L/s 200L/s
Roots vacuum pump 90M3/h
Rotary pump 800L/min 150L/min
Vacuum gauge Pirani gauge PT-9P Pirani gauge PT-4P
Cold-cathode gauge CT-2P
High-frequency power source
10kW-50KHz 5kW-50KHz
· Compact and light-weight by transistor inverter system  
W480 X D500 X H200 35kg
· High safety due to low-output voltage
· Covers wide range of load variation
· Resistant to instant blackout up to 100 ms
· Stable operation by use of optical fiber drive
· Adoption of all transformer-less circuit
· High speed circuit (protection shutdown inμs unit, and startup in 50 ms or less)
Safety measures Main body: water-failure relay/safety valve
High frequency power source: Current protection/alarm on overheating of transistor/alarm on breakage of transistor
Utility Water pressure 0.13 to 0.15MPa
Water volume ca. 50L/min ca. 40L/min
Voltage 3ф 200V
Power 17kVA 9kVA

Magnetic material, thermo-electric element, battery material, biomaterial, various functional materials, catalyser, recycled material.

* Exterior specification shall be subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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