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Glove-box gas circulating purification systems


vacuum type

gas-exchange type

Responding to vacuum type and gas-exchange type
Responding to multiple glove type and face-to-face operation type
Inert Gas purification systems
Implementation of 1 ppm or less water and oxygen concentration in a short time
Space-saving type with glove-box set underneath is available.

•Glove-box standard specification (vacuum type)
Final pressure 1.5 Pa or less
Pressure control 0.05 to 0.15 kPa (inner pressure automatic control and adjustment using foot-switch)
Box spec · SUS304, inner surface: buffing
· Dimension: ca. W900 X D650 X H650
· Pass box attached
· 8-inch glove (made of butyl rubber)
Options · Oxygen analyzer (zirconia type, electrochemical cell)
· Water analyzer
· Hydrocarbon analyzer
* Multiple-glove type and gas-exchange type are available.

•Inert Gas purification systems  Standard specification
Applied gas: nitrogen, rare gas such as argon
Flow rate: 200 L/mm, 400 L/mm, etc.
Purification concentration · Oxygen 1 ppm or less
· Water 1 ppm or less
* in the case of connecting with our glove-box
Dust removal: · with 0.5μm filter
Options: · 0.3μm HEPA filter
· Flow-meter for measuring circulating air-flow

Organic material, EL, battery material, halide treatment, active material, various ultra-fine powder

* Exterior specification shall be subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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