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Gas-content measuring systems (Aluminum alloys)

Gas-content measuring systems (Aluminum alloys)

For diecast
Vacuum melting and extracting technique
Most suitable for confirmation of a mold after its change
Measurement can be conducted by use of the product
itself having weight of less than 1 kg.

The device enables measurement of the gas content present in the die-cast aluminum products.
Mere entering of the weight of the aluminum specimen makes it possible to correctly calculate the gas content present in the specimen in terms of X, XX ml per 100 g of Al, without risk of human error, for the satisfactory quality control of the aluminum material.

•Standard specification
  For diecast
Final pressure X 10-3Pa
Detecting time 180 min. (incl. melting time)
Evacuation time in the order of X 10-2Pa/30 min.
Sample weight 200 to 1000g
Measuring range 1 to 100cc/100g in Al
Weight --
Chamber hinged structure with top lid
Dimension ca. ф200 X H740
vertical 2-separatedheating furnace for melting
Utility Space W1500 X D1500 X H2000
Power 3ф 200V 16kVA
Water volume ca. 12L/min (Pressure 0.5 to 0.6MPa)
Option Hybrid recorder
*Exterior specification shall be subject to change without prior notice for improvement

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