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Rapid soliditied Alloys systems (Bulk amorphous alloys)

Preparation of bulk amorphous

Compact and economical design suitable for research and development
Best suitable for preparing high-strength and corrosion- resistant materials
Suitable for preparing cylindrical and plate-form amorphous alloy
By switching of a mold, this apparatus can be used for melting button-like alloy.

This systems is used for preparing bulk amorphous alloy by first melting metal materials with arc, drawing it down, and then inject it into a mold instantaneously.

•Standard specification
Melting chamber · Vacuum chamber with front door (water-cooled jacket system)
Dimension : ca. ф350 X H300
Material : SUS304
· Final pressure: in the order of - or less
(at room temperature after completion of degassing in empty chamber)
· Evacuation speed: up to 1 X 10-2Pa, within 15 min.
(at room temperature after completion of degassing in empty chamber)
· Water-cooled electrode
· Specimen-reversing bar
· Viewport of ф52
· Interior illumination
· Gas-inlet valve
Copper-mold drawing-down mechanism · Cylindrical mold with hole for drawing-down
* Consult with us about ingot shape that can be prepared
· Elevating parts
· Air cylinder
Vacuum pumping system · Pumping unit: Packed pumping system DS-312Z
· Vacuum gauge cold-cathode ionization gauge CT-2P
· Pressure gauge -0.1 to 0.1MPa
Electric system · DC arc power source
Rating output current: 500A
Rated percentage against specification 60%
Control system: by IC-thyrister
Safety measures · Water-failure relay
· Safety valve
Utility · Space for main body installation : ca. W1600 X D1900 X H900
· Ar gas : 0.02 to 0.03MPa
· Cooling water : 0.13 to 0.15 MPa 20L/min or more
· Source capacity : 3ф 200V 25kVA (arc source)
: 1ф 100V 2.5kVA (for arc unit and control system)
Notice No-fuse breaker (NFB) is not equipped in arc source. Prepare it at primary side source.

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