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Compact vacuum arc melting furnace

Compact vacuum arc melting furnace

Compact and economical design suitable for research ands development
Simple operation for melting such materials as mother alloy
This apparatus is mainly applied to produce various metallic materials by use of arc melting in the reduced pressure of argon gas atmosphere

•ACM-C01 standard specification
Melting chamber · Transverse cylindrical vacuum chamber with front face door (water-cooled jacket)
Dimension: ca.ф280 X L280
Material: SUS304
· Final pressure 2 X 10 Pa or less (at room temperature after degassing completion without specimen)
· Final pressure 1 X 10 Pa or less within 15 min.
(at room temperature after degassing completion without specimen)
· Water-cooled electrode
· Specimen reversing bar
· ф97 view port
· Interior illumination
· Gas-introducing valve
Shape of copper mold · Button shape ф35 X H10, ф25 X H10
· Bar shape: W10 X L50 X H10
Vacuum pumping system · Pumping unit Packed pumping systems DS-212Z
· Vacuum gauge: Hot-cathode ionization vacuum gauge IT-L20P
· Pressure gauge: -0.1 to 0.1 MPa
Electric system

· DC arc current
· Rating output current 300A (ammeter equipped)
· Rating specification ratio 40% (rating use 190A)
· Controlling system IC-thyristor control

Safety measures · Relay for water failure
· Safety valve
· Installation space of main body: ca. W1200 X D1200 X H1500
· Ar gas 0.2 to 0.3MPa
· Cooling water: 0.13 to 0.15MPa 15L/min. or more
· Power source capacity 3ф 200V 18kVA
Option · Voltmeter
Notice · Since non-fuse breaker (NFB) is not provided, prepare primary side power source.

Metallic glass, magnetic material, thermoelectric element, battery material, living organism, micro-machine, recycle,
optical material, hydride, ultra fine particle

* Turbo-pump pumping unit is available for analysis of nano-tissue.
* Exterior specification shall be subject to change without prior notice.

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