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Automatic vacuum arc melting furnace

Automatic vacuum arc melting furnace

The automatic type which automated a sample turning-over mechanism.
(It is possible to melting at the specified turning-over number of times.)
It is the optimal for mass production.(It dissloves30 samples of ф20.)
The setting of the melting pattern, the number of the melting , the melting place is possible in the touchpanel.
The arc power uses a pulse output type.
*30 automatic repetition melting forms in the melting chamber continuously after establishment in the sample.

•standard specification
Melting chamber · The corner type front opening and shutting door type vacuum chamber.
    (The water-cooled jacket type.)
   Dimension:ca.W1200 X D350 X H350
   Material:inside SUS304 superficies:SS400
· Final pressure:X10-4Pa (at room temperature after degassing completion without specimen)
· The automatic water-cooled electrode movement mechanism.
· The sample automatic turning-over mechanism
· ф52 view port
· Interior illumination
· Gas-introducting valve
Shape of copper mold · Button Shape ф40 The hemisphere shape crucible
·Mold automatic mover mechanism.
Vacuum pumping system · Turbo molecule pump 800L/sec
· Rotary vacuum pump 800L/sec
· Vacuum gauge Combination gauge(pirani + Cold-cathode ionization)
Electric system

· The pulse arc for both the alternating current direct current.
· Rating output current 500A
· Rating specification ratio 60%(rating use 387A)

Safety measures · Relay for water failure
· Safety valve
· Air pressure decline relay.
· Installation space of main body ca.W4000 X D2500 X H2200
· Ar-Gas 0.1 to 0.15MPa
· Compressed air 0.4 to 0.7MPa
· Cooling water 0.2 to 0.3MPa About50L/min
· Power source capacity 3ф 200V35kVA

The alloy making dissolving processing of a metal material.
It is mass production of the material in a little.
Automation's making reduction of labour and quality's being stabilized.

*Exterior specification shall be subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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