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Packed pumping systems

Packed pumping systems

TMP-specification version added to Packed pumping systems line, which has been well accepted by our customers,
Shorter rough evacuation time implemented by the introduction of 3-directional valve, which allows rough evacuation to be executed through a separate line,
Use of 100 VAC for power source, suitable for R & D activity,
No cooling water needed,
Simplified Pirani gauge installed as standard
Installation of cold-cathode gauge or ionization gauge possible as an option,
Replacement of pumping set with that of existing diffusion pump is simple because of identical dimension design between the two.

•Application :
Pumping system of dry process
Various pumping systems
Research and development

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This Packed pumping systems is the type that installs turbo-molecular pump, which has been well demanded, as a successor to the conventional DS-Z series, a diffusion pump type. Since this Packed pumping systems is so designed as to be identical in dimension with the existing Packed pumping systems, replacement of the device is simple.

•Standard specification
Model DS-305T DS-422T DS-435T
Final pressure X 10-4 in the order of 10 Pa
Rotary pump capacity 150L/min
Turbo- molecular pump capacity 44L/s(N2) 220L/s(N2) 330L/s(N2)
Main valve flange nominal diameter 50A 100A
Power 1ф AC100V 1.7kVA
Mass 73kg
Exterior dimension drawing [PDF] [DXF]
* Option: vacuum gauge of various kinds, bellows gas valve, etc.

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