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Oil diffusion pump: DPA-series [New series]



Energy-saving pump with 40% reduction of power consumption compared with conventional one (inner heating system)
Significant reduction of reversed oil flow to 1/10 vs. conventional owing to adoption of Chevron baffle
Light-weight and compact with 1/2 mass vs. conventional
Replaceable inner heater
Quick start (1/2 startup time vs. conventional)
Significantly higher critical back-pressure due to adoption of jet having ejector action

•Application to:
large-sized evaporation systems, sputtering systems, etc.
vacuum thermal treatment furnace, vacuum melting furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, etc.
various vacuum pumping systems

•Product specification
Model DPA-18 DPA-22 DPA-28
Final pressure  Pa 3.0 X 10-5 3.0 X 10-5 3.0 X 10-5
Nominal evacuation speed (L/s)
no baffle
9000 13000 20000
Effective evacuation speed (L/s)
no baffle (*note-1)
7700 11600 17700
Effective evacuation speed (L/s)
no baffle (*note-1)
Chevron Chevron Chevron
3500 5400 8000
Reversed oil flow (mg/cm2min)
Inlet pressure 10-5 X 10-1Pa
Chevron Chevron Chevron
X 10-6 to X 10-5 X 10-6 to X 10-5 X 10-6 to X 10-6
No load critical back-pressure (Pa) (*note-2) 57 58 67
Required power (kW) 3.5 5.4 8.0
Startup time (min) 30 30 30
Required water volume (L/min) 5 7 12
Mass(kg), including baffle 110 167 255
Total height (mm) from floor, including baffle 840 960 1170
Oil volume (mL) Lion-S 3000 4000 5500
Exterior dimension drawing [PDF] [DXF] [PDF] [DXF] -
*note-1: in conformity with JIS B 8317-1:1999
*note-2: in conformity with JIS B 8317-2-1999

*As for exterior shape, specification shall be subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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