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High-accuracy capacitance diaphragm gauge  

High-accuracy capacitance diaphragm gauge (F-tron series)

•Features and application
Resolving power of display: 6 1/2 orders of magnitude (digits)
      (about 2 digits improved vs. conventional)
   Precision: 0.1% R
   Notable improvement in noise resistance due to pulsed signal transmission
   High-speed data communication and automatic zero-point correction possible
   1/2 or less of unit volume vs. conventional
   Process pressure monitoring for film-making device
   Pressure monitoring for gas-replacement and gas-inclusion
   Pressure monitoring for vacuum distillation, drying, etc.

•Product specification
Item Specification
Model FTR-1 (6 1/2 digits indicator) + F-133K (sensor)
Full-scale range 133kPa
Display resolving power 1ppm @ F.S.
Precision 0.1% R (at 23ºC)
Zero temperature coefficient between 10 to 50ºC of service temperature
Temperature coefficient span between 10 to 50ºC; of service temperature
Data-renewal rate 2.2 msec MAX
Digital communication 4-line system, all dual ch.
Output signal DC0V - 10V
Set point output 3-points, photo-coupler, 30VDC, 0.2 A or less
Display decimal 6 1/2 digits for pressure display, unit, set-point,
stable temperature
Input power non-heating type: +24 VDC 0.2 A MAX
Ambient temperature at operation: 10 to 50ºC  at storage: -10 to 70ºC
Material used in vacuum part
Silicon, SiO2, SUS304, Viton
Vacuum connection
Exterior dimension drawing

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