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Combination vacuum gauge

Combination gauge  

Combination gauge:

•Features and application
The key operation is simple.
The set point is equipped with six.
With the recorder output
Of Pirani gauges and CCG being connected it is possible to measure a wide range.(The atmosphere pressure to 1.0 X 10-6Pa)
The simultaneous display is possible in three measures with multi- display mode feature of it.
Irrespective of the channel display, it is possible to measure all of the connection gauge real time.
It is equipped with RS485/RS422 serial communication(option) and it controls it with the host computer to 16 1 lines.
It is possible to do the data management and it supports to make FA.
Various for the vacuum equipment

•Product specification
Gauge heads used PSG-1 X 2,
C-4A X 1
Measuring range Pirani only: 1.0 X 105 to 1.0 X 10-1Pa
CCG only: 4.9 X 10-1 to 1.0 X 10-6Pa
Pirani and CCG in related operation: 1.0 X 105 to 1.0 X 10-6Pa
Sampling cycle 100msec.
Exterior output Setting of set-point 6 points
Number of setting hysterics value, output theory , The sensor channel layout
Output mode NPN open collector 30VDC, 50 mA
AC110V 0.5A load resistance
REC OUTPUT independent for each channel 0 to 5/0 to 10V
Service temperature 0 to 40ºC
Power voltage AC100~240V 50/60Hz 40VA
Standard attachment
Gauge head : C-4A(ф15)
Power cord : 3m
Measuring cord : 2m for each
BCD output
Printer output
Gauge head : C-4A(NW25)
Gauge head : C-4A(NW25)
PSG-1 NW16
Measuring cord : 5 · 10 · 20m
Mass Main body 1800g
Gauge head C-4A 850g
PSG-1 200g X 2
Exterior dimension drawing [PDF] [DXF]
Panel cut dimension

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