Privacy protection Policy

Based on our fundamental attitude of putting high regard on our customers' privacy, Diavac Ltd. takes it an important responsibility to securely store and protect private information of our customers. Our website of www.diavac.co,jp shall be in strict conformity with the statute concerning private information protection, and shall take utmost caution in dealing with the private information.

Purpose of using private information
In the event that customers offer us some of their private information in accordance with the matters concerning their inquiries, such information shall be, in principle, utilized only for the purpose of delivery of the required products to the customers, of offer of information related to our products and services to the customers, or of improvement of our products and services.

Disclosure to a third party
The private information offered from customers shall not be disclosed to any third party except for the case described below:
1). Case of disclosing such private information to our business contract parties, business alliances (such as specified agents), and delivery agents, only for the above described purpose,
2). Case of legal requirement, and
3). Case under customers'agreement.

Application extent of this policy
The extent of application of this policy shall be limited within our website: www.diavac.co.jp. We are not subject to any responsibility as for the PRIVACY POLICY of other websites linked to our website. Please confirm the PRIVACY POLICY of the respective website.  

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