Environmental issue is the one for the contemporary business to be inevitable to touch. We position preservation of the environment as one of the most important issues to be observed. Under our basic principle of "harmony of our business activity with environment", we will create our technology and products with the future core concept of "clean vacuum technology".

Action programs

We have acquired ISO14001 in 2001, and been continuously deploying environmental activities as described in the following table in outline. We will make open such activities as far as possible:

The 2005 results and a 2006 plan

A design and development of an environmental consideration type product
We are committed to supplying safe and reliable products and services to merit customer satisfaction through our expertise in vacuum technology. We start our product development and designing with environmental consciousness by incorporating energy-efficient, resource-saving and minimized hazardous substance features to run our business operations in consonance with the environment.
2006 2005
We will continue applying the environmental assessment to every newly designed product and conducting the investigations on the chemical contents of existing products, aiming to develop environmental-conscious products. We have conducted the environmental assessment on the new series of digital vacuum gages to facilitate the adoption of lead-free solders and the utilization of RoHS Directive-compliant component parts. In addition, we have improved the GHP series of oil rotary pumps to incorporate asbestos-free vanes.

Reduction of quantity of electricity usage. Last year ratio 1%
We at Diavac Limited use the electric power (received power) as the major energy source. Then we actively promote the energy conservation activities, setting the reduction of power consumption in the business operations as a mid-term environmental target.
2006 2005
E We will further reduce power consumption by making the air conditioning more efficient through effective use of heat insulating materials in the plants and implementing the summer eco-style campaign. We have successfully achieved the goal of reducing the power consumption and working hour rates through the review on the operation of air conditioners while the clean room is not used and the adoption of summer eco-style campaign.

Reduction of quantity of non-utilization waste. Last year ratio 10%
We set the zero emission of wastes possibly produced in the course of business operations as a mid-term environmental target and actively promote the zero waste programs. (In our definition, zero emissions mean the reduction of wastes disposed by landfill to 1% or less of the total emissions.)
2006 2005
We maintain the zero emissions and reduce general wastes, waste rugs and other wastes incinerated without heat recovery. We have made possible the recycling of polyvinyl chloride-based plastic wastes, waste carbon materials and waste glass materials which have been conventionally disposed by landfill. As a result, the wastes disposed conventionally by landfill have been reduced to 0.16% of the total emissions, achieving the goal of zero emissions.

History of environmental activity

April, 2006 I update it in an environmental consideration type painting booth.
April, 2006 I wash environmental consideration type acid and update it to drainage processing facilities.
March, 2006 Zero-emission achievement 2005iQuantity of inning disposal is equal to or less than 1% of quantity of total body wastesj
December, 2005 I carry out the oil turn pump GHP series, non-asbestos of a vane.
October, 2005 I start outside recycling of polyvinyl chloride system abolished pula / abolished carbon paper materials.
July, 2005 ISO14001: It is updated in 2004 to a version
June, 2005 "Summer - eco-style movement" enforcement.
June, 2005 I change a granular packing buffer material in biodegradability plastic system.
October, 2004 I start recycling movement of army gloves / interlock stitch.
June, 2003 No lead of Handa for water-cooled copper pipe fixation such as an oil diffuser pump, a device product.
December, 2002 Energy saving / lightweight oil diffuser pump DPA series release.
September, 2002 A backup to cadmium-free silver low.
June, 2002 The waste plastic and the empty can reduction compressor are set up.
June, 2002 I start outside thermal recycling of abolished pula.
June, 2001 ISO14001:1994 certification acquisition.
February, 2001 I start recycling of copying paper.
June, 2000 I start a dry cell, recycling of a fluorescent lamp.
May, 2000 A classification collection start.
May, 2000 Environmental management system construction.
April, 2000 The establishment of Committee on Environment.

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