Environmental policies

Harmony of business activity with environment

We recognize preservation of global environment as one of the most crucial issues concerning all facets of human activities. We will deploy our business activities under the basic concept of "harmony of business activity with environment".

1. Under our recognition on environmental aspects concerning our business activities, we will prevent environmental contamination and continuously improve our environmental management system. We will commit to conform to the environment-related laws and regulations, and other requirements we have agreed with.

2. The followings are our important items concerning environmental aspect of our business activities to be approached:

1). For the purpose of reducing use of natural resources in our products, energy for operation of products, and consumables such as oil, we will design our products in consideration of compactness, light weight, reduction of the consumed power, and cleanliness of our products, to create environment-friendly products.
2). We will reduce consumption of energy during manufacture of products with regard to production facilities, air-conditioning systems, illumination, etc.
3). For the purpose of reducing industrial wastes and paper wastes, we will re-use and/or recycle the consumables as far as possible.
4). We will reduce the amount of toxic substances to be used in acid-washing, painting, degreasing, etc., to prevent contamination.

3. In order to achieve the environmental policies, we will set up more specific targets to promote the environmental protection activities with all employees involved.

4. We will regularly hold training sessions to publicize and raise consciousness on environment of employees. We will ask our major cooperative corporations to internally publicize the environmental principle. Furthermore, when we are required to submit our environmental principle by outside public, we are prepared to publicize it.

June 2008
Toru Yokoyama
  Representative director and President,

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